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Accounts Receivable Financing

Account Receivable Financing: Transforming Unpaid Invoices into Capital

Here at Kenbry Capital, we offer accounts receivable financing for qualifying businesses. Our loan program is unique because it provides your business with working capital prior to receiving payment from the consumer.

Financing receivables might seem like a strange concept. However, as long as you have clients that can pay for goods or services over time, 90 days or more, our financing program is an excellent way to avoid incurring debt.

How Receivable Financing Works

Many businesses use pay-later models to encourage or recruit more clients and customers. Unfortunately, the pay-later options can leave companies with mounting debts and limited working capital.

Instead of looking at accounts receivable as a threat to your business, look at them as an asset and opportunity. We will gladly finance your qualifying receivables. Receivable financing is based on customer credit, not your business, which is a significant advantage for many organizations.

Benefits of Our Account Receivable Financing

We pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio of helpful financial products. Our account receivable financing has several unique benefits, including:

  • No fixed payments
  • No arbitrary loan board decisions
  • No-cost credit insurance
  • Increases equal to receivable increases
  • Cash in 24 hours
  • Financing for any business

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With financing, you can turn your receivables into an asset rather than a burden. Contact a Kenbry Capital representative to discuss financing options and begin the application process.