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Franchise Financing

Financing for Your Franchise

There are numerous benefits to opening a franchise business, such as having an existing marketing team and brand recognition. However, there are still financial hurdles to making your dream of operating a franchise restaurant or store a reality. The professionals at Kenbry Capital can help you become successful through our franchise financing program.

How Can We Help?

We assist all types of businesses, from retail to food service and beyond. We are happy to work with both small and large chains, as well as old and new brands.

If you need help with financing for purchasing real estate, buying equipment, remodeling, you something else, we can most likely help. We start by walking you through a zero-obligation, pre-qualification loan process.

What Else Do We Provide? 

When you work with Kenbry Capital, you can expect:

  • Cash for working capital
  • Low, competitive rates
  • Fast closing times
  • Terms up to 25 years
  • No penalties for pre-payment

You will be working with someone who is especially familiar with providing franchise financing to franchisees.

Give Us a Call

If this sounds useful to you and your business, give Kenbry Capital a call today to discuss the next steps. Our free financial consultation could be just what you need to get started and be competitive.