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SBA Loans

Secure an SBA Loan To Launch a Business

Launching a business is no easy feat, and securing the right avenue of financing is one of the first steps you must take if you want your venture to be successful. There are many types of financing available. It’s best to secure flexible financing as a small business, and an SBA loan from Kenbry Capital could be ideal for your company.

How To Use a Small Business Loan

Small business loans are flexible so you are free to use them in many ways to enrich your company. Nearly any type of small business qualifies for this avenue of financing, including gas stations, car dealerships, child care facilities, and veterinarian practices. The burning can be used to consolidate that, stock inventory, or refinancing, but one of the most common ways it is used is to obtain equipment. Are loans you to purchase equipment from the following categories:

  • Heavy machinery
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Computers
  • Printing machinery

The Kenbry Capital Difference

We extend small business loans to both new startups and established companies. Because we understand that these two types of businesses have different financial needs, we offer competitive terms for both.

New companies qualify for financing of up to 90%. They have 25 years to pay back the loan because we know it takes time to get a company off the ground. We offer established corporations 15-year loan periods with 80% financing.

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A small business loan is a type of financing that allows you to grow your company as you deem fit. It is an excellent source of financing for both new and established corporations, contact Kenbry Capital today to discuss funding options and solutions for your business.